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Top 5 Videos You Need For Your Marketing

1- Brand Introduction or Promo

These are probably the most common videos you see as a consumer. This is because they are used to generate awareness and act as the first point of contact that consumers have with a brand.

This takes many impressions to stick in consumer's minds. But, when done correctly, you paint a picture of your brand and what it should be associated with.

For example, look at this video below that we created for a local real estate agent here in the Fort Myers, Naples area. He wanted his branding to associate him with young family homes. So we created something that would incite a wholesome young family-centered feeling when you think about his brand as a realtor.

2- Customer Testimonials

People want to hear someone else's opinion before they make a big purchase decision. And this is your chance to spoon-feed opinions and information to them in the form of a third party.

It's important that none of the opinions are fake or too over the top. Viewers can smell that a mile away. Instead, what you should do is have a current customer talk on camera about why they work with you or why they purchase from you.

This turns into them basically convincing viewers that you're the best option and highlights your strengths as a company.

These videos also give you a chance to address doubts that potential clients might have. These statements: "Before I worked with them, I thought _____ but I was totally wrong because _____." is incredibly powerful. This is because the chances are, your viewers might have the same preconceptions about your company or brand.

For one of our examples of a customer testimonial video, here's one we did for the Florida Gulf Coast University School of Entrepreneurship. We wanted to attract prospective students and convert them into signing up for entrepreneurship classes. So we created this student testimonials video to be shown to a captive audience of prospective students at an event. All 30 prospective students that attended and viewed this video registered for classes and signed up for entrepreneurship classes that same day.

3- Behind The Scenes

After watching a behind the scenes video, your customers have faces to put to the brand/product. Faces of the company are vastly more memorable than simple branding videos. After a good behind the scenes video, your customers should feel like they know you as a friend.

These videos also give you the opportunity to show everything that goes into creating your product or service. This leaves everyone with a greater appreciation for everything you do.

Here's a behind the scenes video we created for Jade Strings and Sol Productions. They are wedding entertainers that collaborate to combine live instruments with DJ mixes. We wanted to show that the musicians don't just simply show up and start playing. These songs are well-rehearsed by professionals. Their personality is also on full display to show off how fun they are to work with and allows their customers to get to know them in this video.

This video ended up being their most engaged with content on any of their social media and resulted in customers reaching out to upgrade their packages that same day.

4- FAQ/Explainer Video

If people don't know how your product or service works, why would they pay you for it?

That's where explainer videos come in handy. They allow you to show things like the purchasing process, how to use the product, and even the benefits and reasons that they should be purchasing from you.

For a good example of an explainer video, here's one from Stitch Fix. It's important for them to have an explainer video because they offer a newer business model for the clothing industry that not everyone will understand right away. They use this video to show the entire process along with all the benefits they provide.

5- Fun/Trend Following

Spice up the personality in your branding! Show off that you have a creative team that loves working together.

This is similar to behind the scenes videos in terms of putting faces to the company. But, this time the goal is to show everyone having fun. Bonus points if there's a viral internet trend to hop on the back of. Think something like the ice bucket challenge or the Harlem shake trends.

Here's another video we did for the Florida Gulf Coast University School of Entrepreneurship. We wanted to show off the creativity of everyone in the program and how much fun it is. So we created this video inspired by creator Dan Mace. It ended up being the most popular post on the @fgcuentrepreneurs Instagram account!


At the end of the day, marketing your company takes a lot of time and expertise in different fields. Here at Rolling Fort Media, we'd like to help so you can worry about running other aspects of your business.

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