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Top 3 Best And Worst Marketing Strategies For Your SWFL Business

Top 3 Worst

1. Spam Mail

Whether it's their email inbox or their mailbox outside their house, nobody likes to be overwhelmed by mail that is irrelevant. People are tired of the same mail from the same Fort Myers and Naples businesses day after day. This is a quick way to put your brand in a negative light.

Direct mail has its unique problems as an outdated marketing tactic. It's hard to track results, could prove to be difficult to target an audience, and is rather expensive for the exposure you achieve (relative to digital marketing).

Furthermore, email marketing could still be done well. It offers trackable metrics, excellent targeting, and rich content possibilities. But, do too much of the same spam and your potential customers will be quick to unsubscribe.

2. Television Ads

The biggest problems with tv ads lie in the poor ability to track metrics and target audiences. If you want to have a successful marketing campaign, you have to be able to run tests on every component of the ads you run. That means testing the ad copy, the content shown, the featured offer, the audience, etc. With tv ads, you're fairly limited on doing any of this.

Couple that with expensive videos to create and you have a big costly hail mary with no ability to adapt to feedback and results.

3. Billboards

upside down billboard advertisement

Around the Fort Myers and Naples area, you may have seen a particular company advertising on billboards with every other advertisement upside down. It definitely got my attention and I applaud them for thinking out of the box but, as for 99% of other local billboards? They go unnoticed.

Billboard advertising also comes with similar struggles of television advertising. They offer low agility, they're difficult to test effectiveness, and they take a ton of resources to create.

Top 3 Best

1. Content Creation

We are currently living in the golden age of content. People are consuming more content than ever. So, you need to be producing more content than ever.

The tricky thing to get right is to produce the right type of content that your audience wants to see and share. The best branded content these days are ads that are disguised as organic content. This varies on your branding, the industry you're in, and your target customer of course.

The goal with any content you create is to pull in the customer with their interest. The last thing you want to do is push them. Push marketing is annoying and costly.

For example, I'm creating this blog article for my content marketing. I know my target customers are SWFL businesses that want to improve their marketing and they're looking for help. So, I can offer free insight through these articles to get my brand in front of my target customers while at the same time, establishing myself as a solution to their marketing problems.

2. Targeted Social Media Ads

women on social media holding their phone

Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have the attention of your potential customers. These platforms also know everything there is to know about your potential customers thus allowing you to target them for your ads. They have to make it easy for you. Because that's how social platforms make their money.

But, they go beyond targeting to be an effective form of marketing. They also provide analytics to help you decide which ads work and which ones don't. This is important. If you didn't know which ads are bringing in your customers, then how do you know which ads to dump more money in? Without trackable results, you're just blindly spending your marketing dollars.

3. Paid Search

swfl business google search

The beauty of paid search ads is that it targets potential customers that are already actively searching for a local company like yours.

Let's say you're a snow bird new to the Naples area and your air conditioner breaks down. What's the first thing you do? You hop on Google and search for air conditioner repair companies near you. As a local air conditioner repair company if you want new clients, you should be right there at the top of the page of their search. Good thing with Google search ads, you can pay to do just that.

Google Search showing paid search marketing

Of course, if your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is good enough, you can organically rank at the top of their search. But that takes time and a lot of testing to make that work. While your SEO is taking the time to improve and help you rank higher, you can pay to be there instead.

This only works if you have a good landing page that you're driving your traffic to. If the landing page doesn't convert customers, then you're spending time and money on ads for no reason at all.


At the end of the day, marketing your company takes a lot of time and expertise in different fields. Here at Rolling Fort Media, we'd like to help so you can worry about running other aspects of your business.

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